Data Science Portfolio

Dan Bricarello


My name is Dan Bricarello, I have a PhD from UC Davis, a background in biophysics, and a strong interest in combing through data for interesting insights. Presented here are a few of the data analysis and visualization projects I have developed - with more to come.

Predicting Home Prices

Evaluating and optimizing several machine learning models to accurately predict home prices in 2014-2015 King County, WA.

* Jupyter notebook

Genetic Links to Health

Identifying the most likely genetic cause of a disease can help pharmaceutical companies better target their R&D efforts. This data-centric approach to drug development may help bring down consumer drug prices.

* Web application

Shelter Animal Outcomes

Using machine learning to predict the outcome for animals dropped off at a municipal animal shelter. Inspired by a 2016 kaggle competition.

* Web application

Equity Price Movement

Provides elementary information including prices, movement, dividends, splits, and calculated moving averages for 3000 US equities.

* Web application

Travel Recommendations

Recommending hotels for Expedia users from search parameters. Inspired by a 2016 kaggle competition.

* Jupyter notebook

Trends in U.S. Baby Names

For anyone curious about the changing trends in name popularity for the last 100+ years.

* Web application

College Outcomes & Rankings

Data from the US Dept. of Education and three independent international organizations is combined to evaluate the performance of US universities.

* Web application

Personal Loan Outcomes

A brief exploratory analysis of personal loan data, in search of insights that might aid in predicting when and what loans will default.

* Jupyter notebook